Before and After Bed

This is what being at home looks like!

Before Bed:


After Bed:


Oh and this is Bed for Claire:


Guess I need to get her a rug! Transitioning to sleeping alone after everything she has been through has been rough for all. Will post more tomorrow when I am hopefully not do tired!


2 thoughts on “Before and After Bed

  1. I love the before & after. I live it daily so the juxtaposition always gets me.
    I’m sorry sleep is still hard. It is a pain. Is she sleeping the night through just on the floor? If so or close that may be a success. Jeb’s cousin shared awhile back that her daughter slept on the floor of her room as I believe a protest that I want to sleep at moms, but she slept well there eventually.

  2. The first photo looks like my den. Glad things are improving. The past months must have worn you out. Edie and I pray for your family every day.
    My brain tumor was removed 16 years ago.
    Every Day Is A Blessing!
    Edie and Richie

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