Can I go back to work yet?!

So the twins are sleeping in their beds, it is just slow and steady progress and we have not gotten a nap yet, which really stinks on a super hot day like today when outside is not really an option. Claire will attempt to sleep anywhere but her bed, actually so will Connor!




I even laid on the floor with them to try and get them to fall asleep so I could get some stuff done around the house, no luck, that turned into group selfies!



The twins then have a new favorite room, their closet, no Mama’s allowed!


Lastly, this inexperienced mom agreed to let the twins (including the one who can’t have a bath) have ice pops inside that Grammy brought over (figured she knew what she was doing having raised 5 kids) well all I have to say is NEVER AGAIN! If I was not so thankful for this time with my babies this would have been a breaking point, especially after cleaning up lunch that included rice and noodles!



The day ended great though, I have not had my hair cut in 6 months (since Con was diagnosed) since I never knew what my day would be like. Because of the chemo delay I knew today was a day I could fit it in, so rather than go to the place I have been going to since high school which takes a half hour to get to each day, I decided if I was going to continue to look presentable with this insane “momcologist” schedule I needed somewhere local. I decided to go to the place my sister in law goes too, right here in town, Plaza Salon, and had her hairs stylist the owner cut, and gulp, highlight (the same person has been doing my color for almost 20 years) my hair because second gulp I spotted a few gray hairs. Anyways she could not have been nicer or done a better job, she is very involved in town but also in charity, she knew all about Connor, and as I went to pay refused my money. I can not say enough about this place, they are as nice as the job they do! If you are local please consider going there, you won’t regret it, I am now a customer for life!

Other than that, Labor Day was great, here are a few pics!





Tomorrow we go into the city, bright and early for a kidney test that we have to do before starting high dose chemo.


7 thoughts on “Can I go back to work yet?!

  1. That is beyond nice, and she did good work! I’ve never dyed my hair so I have been pulling gulp out the gray hairs the past year plus second gulp.
    You did yourself no favors with noodles, rice AND ice pops the same day. Those pictures are great though! Even the sleepless selfies. May not be easy in the moment, but will be great memories to look back & smile about.

  2. Just a crazy thought — my 2 year old quit naps about the day she turned 2. It made my life so much easier, because she started going to sleep earlier (now, mind you, she sleeps on a mattress in my room and I have to cuddle her to sleep), but it’s a no tears easy solution for us. And, I only have 1 2 year old and she is healthy, but I ask myself frequently about going to work.

  3. LOve all the pictures – especially the one of Claire at the table with the melted ice pop (I can completely relate to this one!) and the last one of the kiss. So incredibly sweet.

  4. This post is so sweet and hilarious! So glad you’re getting to enjoy all the normal, crazy stuff at home with both kids – 2 kids who won’t nap, rice on the floor, and ice pop smeared on claire’s belly – doesn’t get better than that!

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