Happy Meal

So everyday with either of my twins is a miracle, but today was mind blowing! On Tuesday, I woke up thinking the twins need a Happy Meal before Connor goes back into the hospital, I knew they would barely eat anything, but thought it was a right of passage. I figured we could go buy their friend James a bday present, then head to the McDonalds in Flanders since there is an indoor two story playroom, and as I was devising this plan realized my high school friend who has been ultra supportive recently moved to Flanders, so I texted her to see if we could stop by and see the new house. I am not exactly killing it at this stay at home mom gig an figured the more time out of the house being active and stimulated by others, the better. Well we went to get the present, that was an epic fail, the store did not have what I wanted, and I raced through the store hoping neither would high tail it out of the cart or have an epic tantrum. I did end up purchasing a large blue ball we don’t need just to keep them quiet and watched as a mom of 4 watched a demonstration (and her kids stood perfectly by her side) she obviously knows something I don’t! On we went to my friends house and that was good, except for C and C with thier larger than life personalities acted like they owned the place and then refused to leave, but anyways I digress. While there we discussed my happy meal plan and she wanted to make sure I knew they only clean the double decker play space once a week, and the magical day and time was Thursday morning, in other words on a Tuesday afternoon it is a germ infested mess, I naively figured they cleaned it everyday. As a result, happy meals were canceled and rescheduled for today, but so worth the wait!

Neither ate much except for fries, but it probably is the best 7 dollars I have ever spent as both fell asleep on the car on the way home!

Here is the play area for perspective:


And here are my maniacs, I did not bring socks which you need to go on, so the pictures of Connor up on the second story are because he climbed up there all by himself, if that is not a miracle I do not know what is!!!














Then after because no one really ate at McDonalds, we headed out for froyo, this resulted in a wardrobe change to just her diaper for Claire!


Then we came home and Grammy babysat while Mommy went to the dr (I got a “clean bill of health”) and he was surprised how good all my readings were for the “stress” I am under, then enjoyed some time outside and a dinner cousin Joe dropped off last night just because (totally uncalled for but oh so thoughtful)!






2 thoughts on “Happy Meal

  1. Canceling & rescheduling is what moms do and definitively moms of multiples!
    You’re an amazing mom. Mcdonalds is still a right of passage in my book — so it is so fun you took them. Connor with his happy meal & empty French fry box. Emma lost her mind at one because she couldn’t climb up yet look at Connor go. xo

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