Con’s (and Claire’s) wish list

Since so many have asked, here is the wish list.

There is not much on here, i already bought almost everything we need, to start at least, but this is the stuff his therapists recommend, I will update it as needs arise and we know what we can have throughout our hospital stay (I must confess the bear books are more for Claire, my best friend gave us the series when the twins are born and she is obsessed, we read 5 a night together, and she is going through a lot too!). Other than this Con is into trains, cars, balls and recently play dough (we have music covered!) and any books anyone loves!

Here is his address:

Connor Crooks (NYU Langone Medical Center)
550 1st Ave
9th Floor, East
New York, NY 10016
United States


One thought on “Con’s (and Claire’s) wish list

  1. Hi — I went to school with Anna Quarles and I’ve followed your blog since she put it on a facebook. Your journey is heartbreaking and hopeful and I am amazed by your honesty. Anyway, I sent Connor some stuff from Amazon (it’s all new), but some how the send a note function broke. In any case, it’s got the book “Little Blue Truck” and a hard plastic pull dog in it as well as some other stuff. My daughter is a few months older than C and C and these are things she’s loved over the past year or so. I hope they enjoy it as well. Best wishes to all of you.

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