Our last day

So I am bringing a “car” instead of a stroller, “cars” are Con’s favorite thing right now, and I don’t care what anyone thinks when I wheel him in the hospital in it tomorrow. My parents got him a super luxury one with all the bells and whistles, even a radio and blinkers, he loves it hung out in it all day!

Here he is waiting patiently for it to be put together, using it and explaining the functions to Claire!




He got to thank Grandpa in person with snuggles!



Then when Daddy woke up we decided to surprise the twins with a trip to Penguin, they are both old pros now and I created monsters by taking them this week, I literally said let’s go see the penguin, they both got manic screaming ice cream and anytime we go near that part of town they scream ice cream. Con got so excited he wore himself out and fell asleep on the way there, but Claire thoroughly enjoyed herself using the step stool to see all the flavors!





They then enjoyed pizza and cake and Claire supervised the new way daddy tries to keep Con slightly clean given that it has been three weeks since the broviac was put in and as a result since his last bath!



Now I need to go finish packing, special thanks to Sue Bauer who drove over all her sons old plastic food (as well as some other toys) it is all packed and ready for is to bring, THANK YOU!!!!


3 thoughts on “Our last day

  1. All anyone would be able to think is they should have thought of it. What a great car. Today is still the day before, but how you wrote seems like maybe it wasn’t as hard as yesterday. Hugs and prayers and love as you head to the hospital for this last huge push.

  2. Great picture of Connor in his car. Will think of you and your family each day and prayers that it will be as smooth as possible.
    He’s a fighter!

  3. That car is awesome! Glad you had a good family day today – will be thinking of you tomorrow and every day, and wishing you the best… : )

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