So I am used to wearing gloves to change his diaper, but because one of the drugs is excreted through the skin, I have to wear them full time, he wants me to take them off, but is making the most of it by wearing his own gloves.


Last night was rough, I do all the diaper changes because it is hard to get him to sleep in the first place, there are techs who can help, but they always wake him up. They also let me do the vitals, it worked, he at least slept through, I am exhausted.

The chemo seems to have kicked his but, he is not happy this am and balance is completely off, today should be interesting. Hopefully a nap is in our future!


2 thoughts on “Gloves

  1. I hope a nap is in your future today. Glad you were able up give Connor and his body a rest last night. What a resourceful guy. If you can’t take the gloves off he will put some on!

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