Hospital Con is Back

He is all done with everyone and everything. As soon as someone walks in the room, he screams “HUG” and grabs me for dear life. Last night was rough, I planned on letting the techs do a diaper change or two because I am running in fumes, but since they successfully woke me every time they came into the room, I did them all, but since I had relinquished my responsibility did not have all the alarms set on my phone, well no one came in for the 4 am, instead they came in at 5 am and did a blood pressure, well that meant good morning for all of us, oh and Connor wet the bed. I feel like the chronic complainer, but there is no reason to do the blood pressure at 5 am, instead do it at 1 when he is in a deep sleep, both of us are exhausted and Con is trying to settle in for a nap, but unfortunately will likely need to be waken for a bath.

The crew from Hass just came to check in including Dr. G., and I complained vitals are off for tonight just a temp that I can do, and while I have not secured a bookbag yet in place of his clunky IV pole (trust me this might need to be my invention, a small mobile pump for toddlers, because the current system does not work) they are sending a light weight children’s pole over that I think he can better maneuver (the difference in equipment between Hassenfeld and inpatient is unreal) I let her know I am not giving up, but this was my back up solution!

Today and tomorrow are rest days, we move into a transplant room tomorrow which is considered day negative 1. Dr. G. Wanted to make sure we knew she is going out of town tonight and tomorrow, but will be back Friday to perform the “rescue”. Other than that Connor is hopefully getting a baby cousin today which means lots of videos for him to obsess over!


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