Big Changes

So we are moving to a “transplant” room today, was supposed to be this morning but with waiting on a discharge and now Connor napping, it is a bit delayed. The transplant rooms are actually ones we have been in before for isolation, apparently there is some air flow device in there (I could be making this up been given a lot of information over the last few days, that makes it a transplant room) had to pack everything up though this morning, one set of bags to go home, then take everything that is going with us and put it in clear plastic bags so that the bags can be bleached. Apparently, the process will take quite a while, the room will also be stocked with all the medical supplies we need to limit what goes in and out.

Other than that, the chemo is hitting Con hard, which is expected, at this point. Counts are dropping rapidly and he is just about nuetropenic. He declined breakfast this am at hitch point the nurse said maybe we should try the Ativan, we did and he perked up and ate a little but not a lot, he also has not drank anything today. Lastly, he has started drooling, which is a possible sign of the start of mouth sores. The good news is once he got the atavan I got some time with him being silly and he was excited to see my dad, he is just very tired and not quite himself. When he does wake up we will do his bath then Con and I will go to the “library” whatever that is, and I will try to feed him while everything is bleached and placed in our room. Certain things will be allowed in the main room, others only in the lockers, etc, it should be an experience.

Here is our stuff in the hall waiting to be bleached:


Oh and three packages arrived for Connor yesterday from Amazon, we had them be kept at the nurses station with plans of opening them once we get inside the room so we can keep them, if we opened them before they may not have been able to come in with us, so if you sent something, I will be thanking you tonight!


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