Love the sign

So Con and I are in isolation and so far it is working for us. The process was much more intense than I ever imagined and everything inside is bleached, just need to bring an extra pair of shoes so I don’t have to continuously bleach my current shoes if it goes out. Why is this working so well for us, well because of the sign on the door, might not get it right, but something to the effect of: STOP: Must talk to nurse before entering, along with a bunch of other precaution signs. I had told Casey before we came I was ready to hang two signs on the door, one that said no techs allowed and another that said no residents allowed, well this sign I did not even put up is essentially accomplishing both! Techs are no longer allowed in the room meaning knock on wood Connor’s sleep should be much more peaceful, and residents can’t stroll in and out given how sterile the environment is! The other reason this room is good is because it has almost the only view in the hospital, this view of the “wawa”, boats and cars was just what Con needed to snap out of feeling bad. He started eating, first chocolate chop cookies from my moms friend, then almost two pediasure shakes (over 500 calories) and finally some of his dinner! He also had a great OT session and played the whole afternoon (with some great presents that were sent here) this kid amazes me!!!






The other big news is Connor started Beads of Courage or “prizes” as we are calling them, he was very excited for his visit from child life from Hass to get him started and I can’t wait to give him his two prizes tomorrow morning, one for staying overnight and a second for being in isolation, he will also get prizes for dressing changes, etc. this program is great and I think within 48 hours he will be so into it!!!




One thought on “Love the sign

  1. Thank God for good nurses. There is nothing like it. These pictures hit home again as Jamison has each of those toys & plays with them still. He too would love that view. Wawa & cars are pretty impressive things. Praying for good sleep so you both can keep your strength up!

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