Making Headway – Thank You

So I know a lot of posts for one night, but I just need to say thank you and that EVERYONE who made a donation in Connor’s name will be getting a personal thank you from me (it may take a little time as in next year, or with Christmas cards, since we are estimated to be inpatient until Christmas, and I gave up on hand written thank yous when this all started, but this is too worthy of a cause). Making Headway just sent me a report of who made donations, some are obvious, my best friends in the world, others are not so obvious, blasts from the past, others I don’t know, all I can say is thank you and how grateful we are that you are all standing up to pediatric cancer, $5 is a normal donation to a charity like this and the only way to find a cure is for research, so thank you, you are not only standing up for Connor, but for all the families who will hear what we did on Feb. 18th, “we see a mass”. There Are still 10 days left to childhood cancer awareness month if you want to make a donation, like I said, every 5 dollars helps! We are so grateful to all of you, Thank You!


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