Something I Forgot to Post – Your “Funny” this Saturday Night

So here is your funny for the night, a few weeks ago Casey comes up to me very serious and says, “Connor is getting speech therapy in the hospital, right?”, I say yes, why are you asking, he responds and I am not joking, “he has a lisp, we need to get that fixed.” I burst out laughing, are you serious, our son has brain cancer, who cares about a (insert swear word) lisp? I went on and on that he is getting it for his loss of hearing and language development not his lisp, etc. Casey remained serious. I then relayed the story to Dr. G. And her NP in clinic the next day, they are pretty even people, they both almost fell over laughing that Casey was worried about a lisp, that night I relayed this to Casey, he said to me, unlike all of you, I know Connor is going to be fine and we can’t have anyone making fun of him for his lisp, everyone should be thinking long term like me, and this ladies and gentleman is why Casey is perfect for me and the only person I could walk this battle with, he never wavered and is the most optimistic person I know!


5 thoughts on “Something I Forgot to Post – Your “Funny” this Saturday Night

  1. Thinking of you and hoping everything went okay today.
    I forgot to mention that I thought this was so cute, funny, but cute, and like you said – true to the kind of person Casey is.
    I do tend to agree with Casey, Connor IS GOING TO BE FINE, keep looking along the horizon, he is going to kick this disease and everything will turn out just fine.

    Anyway, why I really wanted to drop you a note was to check in on Connor today and let you know I’m thinking of him, and saying my prayers.

    Hope to hear more updates soon.

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