Con just looked at me, “Mama, Patchy?” And then hands me his eye patch, it fell off as he was trying to fall asleep, he is such a good boy. He then smirked as I put it on:). What other 2 year old knows what a patch is let alone puts up with it and knows they can’t go to sleep without it.

Given that Sunday is my least favorite day of the week, today went better than expected. Claire was cool with leaving in Grandma’s car, even screamed “Bye bye Mama!” Con has been so good, so happy and so silly today! He is still eating and drinking, needs something to kick start him though (I.e. I ordered pasta from a gourmet pizza place the nurses said was good, and he ate almost all of it then went for his own dinner), and his counts are confusing, they have gone up the last two days, so we aren’t sure what is going on, will hopefully talk to Dr. G. tomorrow. We are really just in a waiting game, no fevers yet and fluids have been dropped so diapers will only be every 4 hours tonight!

Con doubt OT with mommy, working on his colors!



One thought on “Patchy

  1. What an appetite! Smart boy and glad he gets it so hopefully it is one less battle to have. Good to hear today was better for you & maybe even Claire!

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