Perfect Storm

I have called out sick from work twice in my life, once at Time Warner and once at Verizon, sure there have been days I had a sinus infection and needed to work from home, but sick to the point of not being able to work, twice, today would have been the third. I don’t have a mild stomach virus anymore, it is a bad one, a really bad one, or maybe it is just pure exhaustion and my body shutting down as Mama Meg thinks. So much so that the doctors got me a dose of medicine and I am not a patient, this requires cutting through all sorts of red tape. Add to this Casey has a sinus infection (good news is Claire is on the mend and cleared for school tomorrow, wonder what she will bring home this time?!), and we both are horrible care takers for our son who just essentially had a bone marrow transplant. The team here said this has never happened before, both caretakers of a transplant patient sick at the same time, the perfect storm, add to that I don’t really have visitors on Monday except Casey, who could not come because his illness travels through air, total freak out. At the end of the day Grammy, Poppy and Kristin and my mom saved the day. Poppy dropped Grammy off, she took care of Connor all day, Kristin found a hotel that would let me check in at noon, I went there and slept for almost 4 hours, it was unreal, I was by myself for the first time in 8 months, I took a shower and headed back to hospital, do I feel perfect no, but I feel a thousand times better than I did this morning, my body needed uninterrupted sleep (if I did not set my alarm I would probably still be sleeping). Grammy offered to stay the night (she is the only person besides Casey or I or Mama Meg that Connor would let stay the night) but I could not do that to her, Connor needs her too much for the long haul as do we all and she would get no sleep here (in the chair that parents sleep in), she has fibromyalgia, so this would definitely do her in. While all this happened, my mom cared for Claire who is finally on the mend, and cleared for school today, typically Claire goes to Grammy’s tonight, but my mom will keep her because Grammy should rest after bailing us all out today. So while Con has done great this cycle (knock on wood and pray all these illnesses stay away and don’t derail him) everything outside of the hospital has gone as bad as it could, each week has brought new unanticipated problems. Con is doing great though, had an amazing day with Grammy, eating and drinking, neutrophils are up to 50 and white count up to .2, tomorrow will show us if the rise is real!






3 thoughts on “Perfect Storm

  1. Such good news about Connor. He really is superman! Also happy that Claire is improving and that even though you are sick, you got medication and some sleep. Really hope Con gets to go home soon and you all can be together. I am afraid , though, that your days of being “sick-free” are coming to an end as with all parents once their kids go to school! In the meantime, you are amazing. I stayed in one of those hospital chairs for a week and barely made it – don’t know how you do it for weeks at a time. Connor and Claire are so lucky to have you. Feel better.

  2. The gift of sleep is invaluable & not easy to give. Amazing friend in Kristin. I am glad Connor’s numbers are up and pray it is a genuine rise. Hope this is rock bottom of your sickness, and tomorrow you feel even a little better.

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