Just as Emotional, the 2nd Time

Hair is coming out, not any easier the second time around, sure it is less obvious since he is losing a buzz cut vs a full head, but it is no easier. It was nice going out and not being stared at, it was nice looking at Connor, not Cancer Connor, I really thought it would be no big deal this time but I am just so in love with his buzz cut.

Other than that counts are up, white is .6, ANC is up to 300, the nurse says the magic number is two days of ANC over 1,000 to go home, gosh I hope that comes fast we are all so exausted.

Con is eating and drinking so if he keeps that up it really is just the counts we are waiting for. He has already been busy this morning, wanting to play in his car, with his cart and play food and of course play food.




I am feeling better, not perfect, really, really want to sleep in my own bed!


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