The Plan

So Dr. G., got up to the floor this morning and the team that is inpatient this week was in full planning mode to send us home, her response “said who”. Luckily, our nurse prepared me that we likely weren’t going home, and I told her that and Dr. G.’s response was that’s because she knows better. Proves out how I have been feeling about all the doctors on the floor, kind of happy they all don’t like me and stay out because the information is always wrong. Anyways plan was to go home Friday night after his last antibiotic dose if nothing else goes wrong, but I lobbied for tomorrow night and us administering the antibiotics, so as long as they can get us the antibiotics to our house, that is the plan, we will then go back to clinic on Monday and pending nothing goes wrong, check back in the following Monday for round 2.


3 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Home Thursday night or Friday until next Monday?!? So possibly 10 days at home! I will be praying something close to that happens. So impressed by his numbers.

  2. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. That would be so great for all of you! Connor is amazing and such a fighter.
    Prayers for you to get home ASAP!

  3. Connor has been extraordinary and his recuperation is just such a miracle. A week+ of being at home will be so wonderful for all of you. Congratulations and prayers that nothing gets in the way of your time together.

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