Here is when I told Con we were going “outside” and see Claire!


Here is when we actually went, to be honest he was not that excited, he was excited to go out of the unit screaming “door”, but when we got downstairs rather than focusing on “outside” and “cars” he was focused on “soap”, made me stop at every anti bac dispenser and get his hands washed, when we finally got outside he got really excited, but nothing compared to when we pulled into our driveway and Grammy and Poppy were waiting with Claire, he started squealing uncontrollably with delight like I have never heard before, it was the best! Claire was excited too, making sure her whole family was together, Claire at this point is having a rougher time than Con, because she gets thrown from house to house and is not with her family (so she is always taking inventory and crying if she does not see someone), hopefully with play therapy starting this weekend for just her and her having a person just for her next cycle allowing her to stay in her own house, this will improve.


When we got settled I started looking for Con’s IV antibiotics that were to have been left on our porch, they were nowhere to be found and his next dose is due at 11. I called the company in a panic, thinking we would be turning around and driving back, but the driver called and dropped them off late. I am now trying to keep my eyes open until 11 to administer the first dose, it will come down at 1 and Casey will do the 5 am so hopefully we can get a stretch of sleep. Administering should hopefully not be too much of a hassle because Con will be sleeping with us this weekend because his platelets are low and we can’t risk a bloody nose or scratch in the middle of the night we don’t know about. The reason we did not transfuse is because the platelets stayed steady overnight which was a pleasant surprise to everyone and a sign he could start creating his own platelets over the weekend and created platelets are much better than transfused. So until we get to clinic Monday we will take all the precautions to make sure he does not cut himself, which likely means no “outside” which should be interesting because he asked within 10 minutes of getting home, even though it was dark.

The other big news is walking, Connor has not walked unassisted since his second day in the hospital, he just had two many wires, and was not asking to so we did not push it, we basically would walk him around the room a minimum of once a day, even unhooked in the room today he was resistant to walking by himself, well 5 minutes into being here not only was he walking, sure he was shaky, but he was doing it, but also climbing on furniture! My superhero!


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. What great news! Enjoy your time with your beautiful family and try to get some rest!
    I loved hearing about how happy Connor and Claire were to see each other.

    Have a great weekend!


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