Claire’s First Field Trip

So today I was blessed to be home to go on Claire’s first field trip and while it was great to be there with her she clung to me 110 of the 120 minutes we were there, afraid I would leave her, sucks because she could have had so much fun, this place was right up her ally, luckily we will be going back at the end of October for a pediatric cancer event there. All I have to say is this proved that we need play therapy for her and I am pumped to start Sunday with someone highly recommended, she is definitely the more traumatized twin.






Con is doing well at home, honestly the best he has ever done, we had some trying times today (when the guys came to blow the leaves Con was so scared, mommy was trying to clean for the cleaning people and everyone needed things at the same time, and mommy partially lost it), but overall a good day. Tomorrow should be better because Claire was instigating some of the crankiness because she is always doing inventory to make sure her whole family is present and Dada was at work causing her a lot of stress. Tonight when he got home, we put on Halloween PJ’s from my friend Karyn from work (I miss matching them, I fell off the band wagon when Con was diagnosed and honestly have not really bought Con anything since until yesterday, too superstitious, but decided I really enjoy looking at him in cute clothes!). Tonight this made me so happy and made me think of exactly what a Friday in October would look like if cancer never happened!



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