All by myself

Today I got to do something, all by myself, first time in a long time! I went to the mall to look for jeans after we put the twins down for afternoon nap, I did not miss any time with them as they woke up after I got home but it was very freeing to be by myself for a couple of hours. This afternoon they got to see Uncle Brady and Natalie which was very exciting, especially for Connor. Uncle Brady is so good with them and really wins Con over, he flew home from California when Con was diagnosed and they still talk about him at Hadsenfeld, just wish I got a picture. Tonight we celebrated all of us being home together with ice cream cake, the twins LOVED it, and now that they are in bed, I am doing something I have not done in a long time, enjoying a good glass of wine! It never makes sense to open a good bottle when you don’t know where you will be day to day but potentially being home 10 days when you did not expect to is absolutely reason to celebrate! When I was downstairs getting a bottle, I found the bottle we will be opening to celebrate “all done”, one we have been saving for a special occasion, 777 clones, what could be more special than kicking cancers a$$!



Now we are just trying to figure out what to do tomorrow, Claire has a family day for school and we think she would do better if Con came, we think we can control his exposure and Casey thinks it is okay to take him, but I am more torn, we both know emotionally it is best for both to take them both, we will see.


One thought on “All by myself

  1. All things considered today sounded like a lovely day. I am so glad you got out & are getting to just be with a glass of wine.

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