Wow, What a Day

So I have never had quite a day like today. Let’s see it stared at 2:30 am with Con uncomfortable, we had given him both zofran and Ativan before bed so I was definitely not prepared for what was to come! He started throwing up like I had never seen before at 4, I was honestly not sure what to do, he can’t take baths! I took him to our kitchen sink, cleaned him and upped his meds, then brought him back to our room, screaming and waking up Claire and threw him on an exercise mat while I cleaned the bed to the best of my ability (throwing everything out), and took him to sleep in his room. Casey, working his second to last night ever came home early and took care of the wash I started and scrubbing and flipping our mattress, he also got Claire up, and fed so all I had to do was pick out her clothes and do her hair for school. The early morning and afternoon went well, our friends even dropped off their Barbie jeep while I was picking Claire up from school and to say that was an a hit would be the understatement of the century!



My mom even came so I could get them both down for naps separately, and get this Con had his first clean diaper in 48 hours. While they were sleeping I barely got anything done, but was working the whole time, but boy did I have no idea what my afternoon would have in store for me, this has to be parenting fail of the century. I first got Claire, she had apparently pooped during nap-time, stuck her hands down her diaper and rubbed it EVERYWHERE, I had to strip her bed, wash all her stuffed animals and bleach her toys, as I am doing this Con wakes up, I get him but he can’t keep up with my walking from Claire’s room to the laundry room so decides he wants Dada, and it is 4, Dada’s normal wake up time (although it should have been later because he went to bed late because of last night) and I need help, so I bring Con in, in hopes he will sit there and watch the iPad, when he first gets in he has second thoughts but then agrees and sits like a good boy, so I leave to find Claire, well get this, I find her with a childproof locked bottle of benedryl open and dumping it on my one unstained couch (who knows if she drank any), I run to tell Casey, ask if he thinks I should take her to doctor and walk in on Con puking everywhere (now our back up bedding is ruined, 3 more loads of laundry). I call Grammy, she comes and takes 3 of the 6 loads since I would be up all night if I had to do 6, we eat dinner and my dad pops over. Forgot this part, this morning we had a leak in our roof, we always knew we had to replace it just were hoping I could get back to work full time before doing so, we go up into the attic, find the leak and decide it needs to be replaced before winter and I start setting up Claire’s bath in hopes I can relax. NOPE, Claire poops in the bath, meaning I need to yank her out and bleach the bath!!!! Both are asleep now, we are praying for a quiet night, if Connor has a rough night I have to take him into clinic in the city tomorrow which I really, really don’t want to do, and I pray Claire is not catching it! Can anyone top this day?!


3 thoughts on “Wow, What a Day

  1. No. No one can top that. You hands down win the gold. What a mess. Poor Connor & poor you. Please feel better tomorrow Con. Hope you all get a bit of rest and hip hip hooray for Casey’s second to last night ever.

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