To Clinic We Go

So Con got sick at 12:45, so our decision is made we have to go in, the laundry is still running with three more loads to add to it. We are completely out of bedding and in very makeshift bedding so hopefully that is it for tonight. Him and I are in the kitchen, he wants to eat and drink right after throwing up, know that is a good sign, but I just don’t get it, how do you feel good enough to eat and drink?! Plus I am now worried this will all come up. In case anyone is wondering how you keep a 2 year old busy while you clean the room, the answer is a roll of tape!


Casey may take him tomorrow so that I can meet with the nanny one more time and get Claire set up for next week. Please pray this is just a virus, that it is on it’s way out, that we all get a nice weekend AT HOME together and that he is strong enough for chemo Monday!


2 thoughts on “To Clinic We Go

  1. Makes sense. You’re preparing for chemo & that’s a lot of throwing up. Sweet boy. Great call on the tape.
    Many prayers that you get the weekend together & chemo can go on as,planned Monday.

  2. OH Erin! I so wish there was something I can do. Again you show your amazing strength. Connor is amazing, he can make anything fun. I never would have thought about a roll of tape to keep my girls entertained. I hope you have a better weekend then the last few days. Lots of prayers.

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