This Happened


What you are seeing is a broviac (sometimes referred to as a double loomin), not attached to anything. This is the device that replaced his mediport and prevents him from having a bath, the purpose is a lot more can be administered through it and the “double” part of it allows you to administer more meds and even incompatible meds at the same time which can be life saving. Well, Connor is done with the broviac, he is “too active” which is such a blessing, given everything, most kids would not have this happen because during the treatment he has received they would not be active at all, so we are going back to the medi port. We are waiting on the surgery date (it is considered an emergency so hopefully in the next day or two) and from the surgery he will be admitted for round two. I guess the “virus” was a blessing in disguise because if this happened post transplant it would have been a disaster, they likely could not have taken him for another surgery in his weakened state, meaning they would have had to utilize IV’s (which he would pull out every 5 seconds) so it would have been a disaster to say the least. So camp crooks is in full effect today, and it is giving us an extra day or two to get used to the nanny, I just keep seeing Christmas at home slip further and further out of reach, and given none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, this year is so very important to is.



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