Best Friends

I did not think it was possible, but I guess at 2.5 Claire has a best friend who does not live with her! Cousin Lauren and Maddie have continuously bailed us out and taken Claire in, and the friendship must stem from their kindness! Today they joined us at an outreach event for families battling pediatric cancer with the church that Casey and I got married at and where Claire now goes to nursery school. Before the event Claire had lost her ability to walk (I.e. She was clinging to me so tight and I had to carry her everywhere) but once she got on the hayride with Maddie she was a big girl and that was the last I saw of her, I had to pry her from the farm! This was so good for me, because I knew Claire would love the fall activities but we have tried twice before and she refused to enjoy them and rather just clinged, and that had me heartbroken because it just showed me how traumatized she was, so today made me feel so happy!






In Connor news not much to report, he had what they thought was a fever, but temperature readings were inconsistent so they are just watching. He is happy but acting more tired than last time, oh and I don’t think I mentioned that bath time has been resolved it is now 7 and 7 allowing him to sleep! Tomorrow he moves into the transplant room (will likely be the same room just cleaned (as well as all our belongings) and machinery to purify the air and not let air in will be brought in. Also since this is his second cycle he needs more stem cells this transplants will be performed on both Mon and Tues.


One thought on “Best Friends

  1. What a great day for Claire! You can tell she is having a wonderful time with cousin Maddie 🙂 I know first hand what a special person cousin Lauren is and how helpful she is. What a nice bond the cousins are getting under a very difficult situation. Love you all!

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