Con’s latest sentance

“It’s a bug, I see it!” (There is a fruit fly in our room) Sentences are new this week for Connor and he is exploding. I know for most at 2.5 sentences with prepositions are an old trick, but this kid is a 25 weeker, so sentences in general are pretty amazing. Add to that, brain cancer, two brain surgeries, radiation and approaching 100 days in the hospital since the beginning of March, and that he is losing his hearing from his toxic treatment, this is a downright miracle. His other favorites are “I can’t reach it” when he really wants something, and “I’m thinkin about it” every time PT comes in and tried to get him to work. I cry every time I think about it! Dr. G. Was floored when she came in on Wed and he was chatting she said I have never heard him talk like this, I told her it was new like 24 hours old, she just smiled. Her nurse practitioner joked with me that she has a list of all the reason this kid amazes and surprises me, add this to the list, developing at a pretty normal rate while undergoing to most intense and toxic cancer treatment around! Someone has to survive, I think Con is making some pretty bold statements that he plans on being the one! Go Supercon!



One thought on “Con’s latest sentance

  1. This brings tears to my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How wonderful and amazing Connor is. He is a real fighter and our hero!
    Keep up the good work Connor. Blessings to Erin and Casey for all their hard work and dedication to their children.
    You both are amazing!

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