“Mama Face”

Someone is ready for face painting, he took out the marker handed it to me and stuck out his face, too bad my creation is not as good as Daddy’s, he is getting a lot of laughs though when everyone walks in! And FYI, this is what boredom looks like, he is done with his toys, done with the tv shows and movies we downloaded, etc, and we are only one week in, poor baby!

Last night was okay, not a lot of sleep but he is doing better now, the thing that amazes me is no matter what time kids go to bed they wake up at exactly the same time every day, crazy!




One thought on ““Mama Face”

  1. If by amazes you mean drives parents bonkers then yes. Same thing happens here. Jamison will wake at 6-7 am like clockwork regardless of bedtime. Except for this week when he has been waking up an hour earlier. 🙂
    I think your marker beard is great. Need to practice a mean mustache then tag it for Movember. Could get some more support for sweet super Connor.

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