Rough Night, Rough Morning

So last night consisted of maybe 3 hours of sleep, I have complained here about two nurses (could have been a lot more, but I really do believe nurses are gifts from god and this is a stressful situation all around so trying to give people the benefit of the doubt) one on the night shift (who we had early in and I decided most if what we spat about was my fault) and one on the day shift. Well last night we got the night shift one for the first time since March (so much for trying to keep the 2 year old with similar faces since they don’t do primary nursing)) and I was like crap, but was open to giving her a second chance. We went over the plan for vitals, meds, diaper changes and blood draws, I thought we were on the same page. Well at 10 she came in gave Con his Ativan was a little louder and more light than I would like, but whatever. I did his diaper so he was rustled but still sleeping and asked me for a hug so I climbed into bed with him, she came in again a bit louder and more light than needed and because I was in bed with him decided to give me a play by play of his zofran dose, well that was all Con needed with the Ativan in his system, he plopped right up and finally fell asleep at 2, as did I, but guess what that is when his overnight schedule gets busy and every time she would come in, and I kid you not, she would wake me up out of a deep sleep to tell me what she was doing which would disturb him, the first and second time I was shocked by the third I was like what the hell, she wanted to make sure we were on the same page, isn’t that the reason we went over the plan the night before, I thought to myself but just said you realize we have been here 100 nights have like 40 to go and I have to entertain a bored 2 year old all day tomorrow, I need my rest, who knows what she thought, but hate that we got no sleep not for medical reasons but because someone kept waking us up, unreal!

Then this am, he drank his pediasure too quick and threw it up, I am literally out of sweatpants (I bought 6 new pairs going into this knowing I would need more with all the throwing up) so please pray we are done for today! Hoping for a nice long nap, platelets have already been transfused, waiting to hear about red!

An “all clean” Con on a clean bed thanks to no one except for mommy working on his chemo duck:


And if you have not figured it out yet, everything is a guitar to this kid, including the electric keyboard he is borrowing!


And lastly, the bright side, “Super Claire”, Amanda got her to wear her mask, ready for her preschool Halloween parade (that parents aren’t invited to, which I turn means mommy did not have to miss), I miss my supergirl so much and can’t wait to see her tomorrow!



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