Music Man

So Con loved music therapy today, probably because it was the people from the cancer clinic ran the session today, not the folks who permanently work inpatient. The folks from clinic are beyond fabulous and the reason we chose NYU, plus they really know how to motivate him, they even combined music with PT which he hates!


As for Con his fever spiked over 102 yesterday which is confusing at best, tylenol brought it down but we as well as the doctors have no idea why. The GI issues are not resolved either, consensus is it is 100 percent mucositis further down the digestive track, but both white and ANC are both up, to a point where this should start healing and we snuck more yogurt today, so we will see. They want to send him home soon, counts are there, but we need to resolve these other issues before, we will see, fingers crossed he starts feeling better soon!


3 thoughts on “Music Man

  1. Hope the music, Tylenol, yogurt & good counts make him feel better soon. So glad the cancer clinic team is awesome. How often do they get by to see Connor when he is inpatient? If this session was as good as the pictures suggest then it was an amazing time.

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