No Answers

So we went to ped, she did a full out exam, he tantrumed a lot showing his ability to use both sides equally, she really thinks he is fine, said her husband went through high dose with stem cell rescue as an adult and was sick for months, and Connor has already done twice that. She said if it was a tumor there would be weakness on one side and she did not see that at all. She thinks he just wants to be comforted and hugged. My mind is still going crazy, hoping and praying she is right. We let the team in the city know and we head there on Friday so they can decide what to do, now we wait. Pray Con just starts moving on his own so this stress can be removed!


6 thoughts on “No Answers

  1. Exhale. Just a little. I hope he recovers with hugs & love. Glad you went in. It’s been miraculous how strong he & his body have responded. Still praying it’s just that.

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