Blissfully Normal

It is amazing how we humans can live on the “island of denial”, today I refused to let Connor’s lack of movement ruin the day at all instead I basked in the normalness, or what most families take for granted every weekend, a whole lot of nothing! Casey and I decided we would drop Connor off at Grammy and Poppy’s since that might be his favorite place in the world and that we would take Claire out to lunch (Connor can’t be in public until April due to counts), well it worked out perfectly, Connor had a great time and Claire was literally doing a happy dance in her seat because she had both mommy and daddy with her (although she was concerned about where Con was and kept saying “get Connor, Grammy, Poppy”), when we came back we convinced Con to walk and swing, holding Grammy and Poppy’s hands, he did it! He asked to do it again! He got confidence, he won’t do it with us (was climbing and cruising with us) so we will be taking him back tomorrow. I am still a little scared, but his gait looked awesome, so I am hoping Grammy and Poppy can keep building his confidence! I think he surprised himself and moved faster as he went! Oh and tonight we started Christmas PJ’s, because we won’t be home to do that in December, and will either decorate our tree next weekend or on Thanksgiving! In one last story of how blissfully normal today was, Claire wandered off into our room, I went to find her, she was in our bed saying, “I have circles” (she took my wedding rings and engagement ring off my nightstand) and promptly, thank goodness, handed said circles to me! Keep praying Con’s movement improves, Mama Meg took a lot of time making his “ALL DONE” sign this week and we need to be able to use it!



2 thoughts on “Blissfully Normal

  1. A part of my prayers always speak to you all being blissfully normal. Sounds like a lovely day. Maybe Claire needs some circles of her own.

  2. Oh what a nice update. I am so glad you got to spend special time with Claire! Oh you are training her right…….diamonds are a girls best friend, glad she has learned this early!!!! hahaha And she knows her shapes! It sounds like Connor had a great time too and is doing amazing things. He is our fighter and hero! Love you all!

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