We have a walker-sort of

So today we took out his plastic shopping cart (getting the Melissa and Doug one asap because that just may be the motivation he needs) and he got enough confidence to push it from the kitchen to the playroom, HUGE IMPROVEMENT, his motivation was his latest obsession, wooden trains, he literally dreams about them, will sit for hours and play with them, and often wakes up at 5am asking for “Choo, Choos”!




This week should hopefully be rest and rehab and praying lots of walking, we don’t go back to clinic until Friday, for pentamidine and pre chemo counts (hoping they are recovered meaning Thanksgiving week is off until the day after when hopefully we start Connor’s last chemo cycle ever). I am going back to work tomorrow 2 days a week and hoping I can really keep it to two days a week, as I still have a lot on my plate with Con’s treatment, we will see, I know no matter what this is exactly what my mental health needs! Casey will be off everyday I work until the middle of January which takes a lot of stress off and should be a good transition for the twins!


2 thoughts on “We have a walker-sort of

  1. So glad Con is doing better with the walking. I look at all that Brio track and wished I lived near you so I could give you a couple of storage boxes full of ours and the twins could put trains all over your playroom! Also love the xmas pjs. Have a great day on Monday. I know that this is going to be great for you and great for Verizon!

  2. I am so happy you all will be doing this and having Casey home while you’re working will give you piece of mind to hopefully really immerse yourself in work things! Fingers crossed confidence and enticing things are just what Connor needs!!

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