Con is walking (just a little, but that’s enough), we finalized his wish (I get eta on delivery tomorrow, and we are contributing less than we thought, can not wait to invite everyone over in the freezing cold) and most importantly, Casey’s cousin was kind enough to think about Claire today (he sent her a $25 dollar check for being a great sister, which I fully intend to let her use at Penguin exclusively). This thought almost brought me to tears, in the last 9 months people have included Claire, but I can’t remember a time where she was the sole focus except for Heartworks (which always knows what to do), as a mother this has been the single hardest thing, while we are poisoning my one child the other is having major mental issues because she is never with her family, so to see someone else realize this and celebrate how brave she has been was beyond amazing! Oh and I got to return to work, have two uninterrupted lunches and see a lot of people I care about, was a great cancer free two days!

So many toys so little time!






Wearing Claire’s Mickey Ears from Aunt Allyson!


And look at Claire Bear, can not WAIT to get out of the car for school!


Little Miss Cbear at the hardware store with daddy, enjoying some popcorn!



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