Ups and Downs

So today was good in that Connor was happy and silly, but sad in that Casey and I are really processing what is happening and it is so incredibly heartbreaking, we are so trying to stay in the moment and enjoy it and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow, but it is so incredibly hard. Over the last 11 months we completely threw ourselves into the plan, there was comfort in knowing there was one, and even though in my head cure was remote it was still a possibility, knowing that is gone, that we re just sitting here waiting for symptoms is unbearable. The good news is thanks to Casey’s cousin, Disney is booked, they came up today, Connor loved them, and figured it out for us. My family only went to Disney once growing up, I was 6 years old, I am not an expert and at a time when I can barely think straight figuring this out would have overwhelmed me. We are leaving Thursday and staying for four nights, my prayer now is that Connor remains stable for this trip because he will love it, it will be a nice trip to the “island of denial” for all of us. We also had our photo shoot with my college friend Suji and while the twins were not overly cooperative, I know she got some good ones, will post here as soon as we have them.






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