Bless You


This picture was from my early morning yesterday with Con, shortly before this I coughed and he innocently says to me, “Bless You, Mama”. Gosh I love this kid.

Tomorrow, Amanda is coming for the morning so he will get to do all his favorite things while I work and Casey takes care of all our last minute details for Disney, then he gets to go to Art again which he loves, and I am excited to have another Connor original, here is last weeks “truck”!


After this he gets a visit from his girlfriend Julia who happens to be one of his favorite kids and my dear friend Kristin’s daughter, this change in lifestyle, taking Con out of isolation letting him do and see the people he loves has been so good for him, he is genuinely happy, eating up a storm, getting some color back in his checks and rubbing his head tonight I finally noticed some peach fuzz. Besides the fact that he can’t walk and doesn’t really have great movement of his hands, no one would ever know what was going on inside his poor little body.

To end this we are overwhelmed with the love and generosity showed to our family, just yesterday my sister-in-law’s friend dropped these cakes off, thanks to all of you for showing us the good in the world, and always remembering Claire.



2 thoughts on “Bless You

  1. Hi Erin, I’m so happy that you are taking Connor and Claire to Disney! They will both love it. I am actually here with my family now, leaving today. I’m sure you have a lot of people offering advice on things to see and do, but if you have any questions, I’m all ears. In the meantime, we used a local guide while we were here and he was incredible- he set our itinerary in the park, scheduled fast passes for all the rides that we were interested in so we didn’t have to wait on any lines and just generally made it a smooth and easy adventure. He is available on Saturday and Bob and I would love to arrange it for you and your family- our treat. Let me know if it’s something you are interested in. I’m sorry I didn’t think of it sooner; you may have your plans already set. My thoughts and prayers are always with Connor and your family. Xoxo, Sara

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  2. Oh I love this little boy………..The Bless you is the cuteist thing I have ever heard. Didn’t you wish you could tapped it and listened to it over and over. I am so thrilled that you are going to Disney. It is magical no matter how old you are. Connor and Claire are going to crazy. Have a wonderful time. I love you all and pray every day for all of you. xoxo Bonnie

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