Today I worked on getting all our “treatment” photos on shutterfly to get photo books made, Casey and I decided to divide them up between chemo and Boston because the experiences were so different. I have only finished organizing the chemo album, looking back at every picture we took was so emotional. First it showed me how amazing Con really is, he was so darn silly throughout it all, he literally is my hero, second it showed me how thankful I am for the last year, I have literally spent more time with Connor than any other single person and I can honestly say in really crappy circumstances the two of us made a ton of lemonade (it also showed how little time I got to see Claire, how much she changed in what seems like a blink of an eye and what a tough cookie she is to be emotionally recovering the way she is, so darn happy and so full of life), there are very few pictures we weren’t smiling, last it showed me how much he has regressed, how he never had a fair chance, if I had looked at the “caged animal/into everything pictures” from early on I probably would have seen this coming like a freight train. Man do I love this kid!


One thought on “Memories

  1. This this is why you are and will continue to all be heroes to kids and moms. And dads! Under the absolute worst of circumstance you all huddled tighter together and fought ferociously wearring a smile. Those weeks and nights solo with sleepless Con (or ill timed stat checks) in the hospital looked so hard yet the lemonade you can enjoy forever is that you literally spent every minute with him. Time you had with him. Claire is a touch cookie as well. They’ve got such spirit and light about them.

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