All Done

So on the night before the year anniversary of our lives forever changing, and Connor quickly learning in survival mode his first two word phrase “all done”, I told Connor that Bracha and Becky were visiting tomorrow, two of our favorite inpatient nurses who we have spent almost the whole last year with. Connor immediately got giddy, giggling up a storm, started screaming while laughing hysterically, “all done Bracha”, “all done Becky”, then for good measure threw in about 100 “all done Cami’s” in, giggling after each one, to the point where he would fall over. This visit means so much to both of us, for Connor these are his caretakers, but often also his source of entertainment on long boring days on isolation, his best friends, for me just like the firetruck parade it is beyond moving. Becky was scheduled to work tomorrow and switched her day to come visit, they are coming from the city to 30 plus miles outside it, just to see Connor one more time! It just speaks to the power of this amazing little boy!


One thought on “All Done

  1. I’m so glad they’re coming to visit, and how amazing & sweet that Connor is so excited! He is certainly amazing as are all of you. I imagine your nurses were also drawn to you, Casey and your family too. Enjoy the time together.

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