We have no way nor the energy to thank everyone that has helped us, but please take this and the texts or emails I send as a thank you, you all rock and seriously keep us going! Today, we came home to this:


From my friend Brenda, which will make an awesome addition to our newly finished basement, aka, “Claire’s playroom by the garage” if you ask her, lol! Last week we came home to a photo blanket will all our pics from Disney that was handmade by my friend Courtney from high school, the list goes on and on to the meal train my sister’s teacher friends set up, to the gift cards to local restaurants from college friends and others, we are truly blessed with such an amazing support system who is making sure our time right now is focused on Connor, spending time with him, letting him live the life he never got to and allowing our close family and friends to do the same vs preparing meals, etc. for that we are eternally grateful! As for Connor today was another great day full of belly laughs, we left Vermont before 8 and came home to a day of visits from my family, uncle Matt topped the list, with the kids going insane!


One thought on “Thoughtfulness

  1. How beautiful and the blanket sounds amazing. Connor is a gift to us and he shows us what strong, being a fighter and loving life is about! You all are so special to us and so many people. All of this is a gift of love to you, Casey, Claire and of course SuperCon! Glad you had a good weekend and love to hear you had lots of “belly laughs!”

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