Music Man is Back!!!!

So today given art is becoming more difficult, Con went to music class instead and had a blast!  We’re hoping he can continue for the next couple weeks!  

Claire got to enjoy art class too, which includes more painting on her face than paper!

Then both enjoyed a visit from Josh and Josie, with Connor finally settling in, in his new firetruck PJ’s from the Bagel Bin (this is the local bagel shop in town and we have no idea how they found out about Connor, and the fact they sent him these and a firetruck is a small town at it’s best)!

Now Connor is snuggling with me, Wednesday’s are the best!  

Scan tomorrow which should give us a lot of insight into timeline, etc., we won’t have official results until next week.


2 thoughts on “Music Man is Back!!!!

  1. Oh Connor must love the music………… happy to hear he is enjoying these activities. Claire loves everything!
    Wednesday do sound like the best and love all the photos, especially Connor snuggling with YOU!
    hugs and kisses. Miss you all!

  2. Wednesdays sound marvelous. Good idea to do music class. I will forever smile thinking of Connor & Jamison playing guitar and singing.
    Claire cracks me up with her painting antics.
    Hope the scan gives you information you can use.

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