No energy to post too much more but with #kindnessforconnor, this may very well have been their best bday yet, my heart is so full!  Three years ago was a bad day, we were given 50 or less chances of survival and if they did survive a host of complications, their first year we celebrated, but it was bittersweet with the emotions of their traumatic birth, last year we were in a post diagnosis / brain surgery haze and spent the day in the city interviewing oncologists and signing our lives away to poison our baby boy.  Today we lived and saw amazing kindness.  Connor spent the first half of his day getting Avastin, not chemo, but something that may actually make him feel better.  We decided to split the twins up this am, daddy took Connor since he missed out on almost all the clinic visits over the last year and it was a wonderful way for him and Con to spend quality time!

I took Claire, we wanted to make sure Claire got a normal bday, got to do something she would love, not something we decided to do based on Connor’s abilities but instead hers, so I picked up Maddie and the three of us went to open gym, it was amazing, they chatted the whole car ride, and were maniacs inside, it was amazing!

We came home to an impromptu pizza party with their cousins for lunch, and Claire wears her party hat as long as I say, when Mrs.Skoglund (her teacher who she tells me she “loves” every night) sings happy birthday would you wear a hat?!  She immediately puts it on and is the poster birthday girl!

Our day ended with a visit to Imagine that and trader joes (not sure which was more exciting since Connor slept through the first half of Imagine That, but not Trader Joes!) and another pizza party with my family!

All this kept me from checking my phone, email or social media and boy was I overwhelmed when I did, here is just a sampling of the acts of kindness done in honor of Connor (the pictures without other people’s kids), people are good, cancer will never, ever win!  More pictures tomorrow!


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