Kindness and Inconsistency

so we are completely overwhelmed by the kindness in honor of Con, here is just a sampling over the last few days!

Which leads me to Connor, he was doing about the same today, not better, not worse and our hospice nurse came and agreed the was an alarming decline in the 9 or 10 days since we last saw her (we skipped twice last week since we were in clinic twice) she will come back later this week to try and get a more thorough assessment on the decline, then he took a nap, only the third or fourth time he has done this since coming home from the hospital and he woke up refreshed and really got excited by and enjoyed a visit from the girls.  Then the unthinkable happened, Nicole  (her mom was Campbell’s God mother) from Jr. Heartworks stopped to drop off this:

I have never seen Connor or Claire for that matter react to anyone like that, it was almost as if we turned back the clocks 9-10 days, he was that full of life and doing stuff he has not done in a longtime, it was borderline magical, #kindnessforconnor works, it is not just lifting mine and Casey’s spirits, but Connor’s too, it is amazing.  Our night owl is now relaxing on the couch!

Oh and earlier Claire was so excited that Connor has hair to wash, she had to “help”!


One thought on “Kindness and Inconsistency

  1. So overwhelming to see the kindness of others! How the love for a BRAVE little BOY is making us think of ways we can show kindness to others!!! My random acts in Massachusetts are making me THINK about how just the smallest thing (over tipping) can brighten a person day. Thank you, Connor for being my inspiration.

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