So today Casey and I got something parents of a terminal child dream of, seeing Connor as a kid, back to where he was a month ago, today will go down as one of my favorite Connor memories, all because of Casey’s brother Donnie.  When we first found out that Connor’s cancer had come back and moved from cure to care someone Donnie worked with offered us a box for any event at the pru, we saw the circus on the calendar but at the time did not think it was likely he would be in good enough shape that far off.  When we got the stable scan we thought maybe, then his downturn over the last two weeks had us questioning it again, it was going to be a game day decision.  Originally we were going to go on Sunday at 1, but throughout the week noticed a pattern, 12/1 was Connor’s crankiest time and if he got a good nap late afternoon was his best/most animated time.  We asked Donnie if we could by chance switch it to Saturday, knowing that he could not attend because that would be the best time for Connor, Donnie always the mature older brother understood and said yes, a pretty selfless act, and changing the time made all the difference!  Connor had the most fun since Disney, he was glued, he had to be down with the kids  (since we had to fill the box last minute my parents and two of my best friends who have done so much for us were able to come with their kids which Con loved because he loves kids) hanging over the edge, dancing and pointing.  He even got his little pointer finger out (which he has not done in a month) and was screaming “whoa”, Casey and I are still on a high! He then got to eat ice cream with Grammy at intermission, not sure anything could be better for a three year old!  Claire had the best time too, she could not get over the show, the fact that she could walk around with popcorn, eat ice cream and jump around with Josh!  She just named for me everyone that was there before bed and loved the dogs most!  So Donnie, thank you, you gave us the greatest gift ever today, another really happy memory!


One thought on “Circus

  1. What a great blog today! I am so happy and thrilled for you that you got to go to the circus. You all look great. I love Connor hanging over to see everything. hmmmmmmm who would not love ice cream, pop corn and the circus?
    Claire is amazing what she can remember! Again……….so happy for all of you! xoxoxo always!

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