Today I cried not because anything happened, in fact Amanda and I were talking and we think Con seems to be doing better, he is talking more, but because certain things set you off.  My sister sent me this picture today, the necklaces she ordered them for their birthday finally came in:


I knew she was getting them necklaces, but know idea about the words, when Claire grows up and we shape her memories of Connor this will be so amazing to have.  What came with it was #kindnessforconnor without the person even knowing, it took my breath away:



She made me a necklace too, so all three of us would have one, utterly amazing.  Today was all about the jewelry too, the handprint charm I ordered came today and is utterly amazing!  Thanks to Kristin for helping me get both their prints!


Speaking of kindness I am behind on all the acts and hope to have a post soon with all of them (I have to be honest I am behind because there are too many to keep up and our hearts are full from just seeing them and hearing about them, so I took the burden off of documenting them all in the moment, but do want to soon, to preserve them) but here is just one that brought me to tears, from Con’s primary nurse at clinic, we love and miss Cami so much, I will get back there one day to show my gratitude in person to one of the most amazing “big humans” I know!



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