Pink and Purple Eggs Only

Claire went to her second Easter egg hunt today (Con watched enjoying being outside much more than inside) and ran past any egg that was not pink or purple (she did get one yellow for “Super Connor”).  She got to spend time with all her second cousins even sitting next to Maddie, gosh she loves those girls and what great influences they are on her!


Other than that the weekend was quiet, we had hoped to go to the zoo, but it was a bit to cold so did some errands instead, on our way home, Con saw his swingset and playhouse for the first time in a long time, he started screaming for it.  We moved the plastic playhouse onto the driveway and he was screaming with excitement making Claire and I go from window to window, with him inside looking out at us!  The tantrum on the way in and asking to “go outside” today told me the swingset still is his one true wish!



He wanted to badly go play with his wish, but it is muddy/swamp like down there and with the way we have to hold him (he is dead weight has no real function or control of most of his body and can’t always control his movements so a sudden jerk on mud could knock everyone down)  too hard to go down there, so my dad came over and helped me measure and Casey picked up the supplies for a surround, he is going to attempt to do it on his own (talk about superdad) during the mornings this week when his mom visits, we want Con out there as soon as possible, I.e. Next weekend as this was his wish and we want to see him use it!    The big decision we have left is what surface to buy, we really want rubber mulch, but PTSD me is having a hard time pulling the trigger wondering if chemicals really are harmful, wood mulch is not an option due to how wet it is, and the gravel makes us nervous given the wild woman Claire is, it has the lowest shock absorbency.  Rationale old Erin would be able to do a risk benefit analysis looking at the facts and realize the benefits of rubber vs the risks make it the best for our swampy location, but cancer mom Erin is having a hard time pulling the trigger, have to make a decision by tomorrow though!


4 thoughts on “Pink and Purple Eggs Only

  1. Great to hear Connor’s (continued) excitement about the swing set. Just a thought, with my many years of teaching, I have always seen the wood mulch used for outside swing set areas. I’m sure whatever you decide, will be the best decision.

  2. Oh I am so glad you got to go to the Easter Egg hunt. You can see Claire was having a blast!, I don’t think there is thing Claire does not like! Oh Connor must have loved watching you run around the place house. Sounds Claire is always doing silly things to make him laugh. Yes……Casey is Superdad. Hoping for good weather this week so Casey can get the area under the swing set ready!

  3. Oh that is so awesome! Best of luck with the swing set area. I’m sure you’ll make the best decision. You always do. Enjoy the sunshine! Xoxo

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