Out Cold


After a long day, scan was stable to some areas looking slightly better, no one knows what to say about his symptoms increasing clinically except that brain tumor symptoms can have a delayed onset, and his deterioration is how they would have expected him to look after the January scan and it just took his symptoms time to catch up with the images.  Thought is the avastin is helping for now and we just wait and see, at some point it won’t.  For now we are seriously considering a quick trip to Florida (we were planning a trip after everything but how much better would it be as a family of four vs three) and seeing if there is anything else he would love.  He can not do much at this point, but we do know certain things bring him joy, such as being outside, etc., so focusing on the simple things!


4 thoughts on “Out Cold

  1. Hugs and prayers. Seems like good news the scan was stable, and absolutely good news to consider planning a trip for 4.

  2. You are all so brave in the best and most inspiring way ever!!! You and Casey are the best parents ever and Connor and Claire are so lucky to have you and I am sure you feel that feeling is mutual! My family continues to pray for your beautiful family! We are sending all of our love!!!

  3. Erin and Casey, You’re doing such a great job of being dedicated and wonderful parents. You’re drawing you’re strength from
    somewhere and it’s working. Prayers that Connor continues to enjoy everyday with you.

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