Canceling a Vacation Sucks

So of all things that would have caused us to cancel this one blindsided me, it was Claire.  After a full day, her make up swim lesson (for Monday) and her first day of soccer, she woke up from her nap clingy, by 7:30 she had a fever of 101.7.  While trying to decide what to do, my sister let us know that the emergent care center in Basking Ridge (AHC Urgent Care) was still open, I had Casey call as I rushed Claire there, I just wanted someone to check her ears and throat to see if we could fly (flight is 8 am) they literally, locked the door as we pulled up, I knocked on window, lady came to the door, and I said my husband called, she said to me look at your phone we work on Verizon time, I explained (half crying half yelling) her twin has brain cancer, is terminally ill, we have a flight, to help us, she refused, it was 8:30 after all, God forbid they stayed open 10 minutes late to look at her to help our family get one more memory.  I will never go there again, they have no idea just how much this hurts, how they could have made a difference.  I did tell them “karmas a bit**” in my rage.  With Claire’s history as responsible parents we can not go on a plane without getting her checked out, just about a year ago I was in the ER with her because a cold spiraled out of control.  I didn’t realize just how important this trip was to me until my tears turned into hyperventilating in the car, I wanted this one last memory, I wanted to visit the island of denial one last time with our family of four, Claire even said to me, “mommy you crying, Don’t be sad”.  The icing on the cake is Casey right now is working through the process of canceling, so far they are willing with trip insurance to give us back a portion (about 60%) in the form of credits, I told Casey to remind them one of the travelers will not have an opportunity to travel because unfortunately he is terminal so hoping they ultimately do the right thing.  The only other options are potentially leaving on Sunday but trying to determine if it is really worth it then for only 3 full days especially with the fees and increase in fares or maybe driving somewhere, but it is not really warm enough anywhere.  I guess like a lot of other things vacations really aren’t our thing.  Sometimes I can’t get over how bad our life sucks!


2 thoughts on “Canceling a Vacation Sucks

  1. I am so sorry…………..I agree to for 3 days…………you will still have a great time and have those memories. Love you all!

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