Trying Again

so we are going to try again for Florida tomorrow, Claire’s fever broke around 4 am, and I took her to the ped this am, both ears were red an infected but viral, and by noon she was acting like herself, so much so that we we went to the boardwalk since Claire remembered we told her she was going to the beach, and was running around saying “go to the beach, go to the beach”.  It was super crowded which took me by surprise so they each got one ride (the elephants) and the carousel and some ice cream, Claire tantrummed when we left until we told her she is going to the “hot beach” after night night and can look for shells there.  Connor had a great time at the boardwalk, is really taking to rides, but unfortunately can not do most, here he is longing for the helicopter ride:



He would need to sit unassisted without us to do this one and had quite the tantrum while waiting for the carousel, so much so that the nice guy taking tickets told us he wouldn’t take ours and to just have a nice day.  The elephant ride though got lots of whoa’s!



And here is my big girl on her first day of soccer yesterday!




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