No Naps

the sign of a successful day is neither kid could nap, first time in months Con has not he was just so excited all day, making happy sounds, talking about what he saw, enjoying life!  Only downside is he threw up twice today, both after eating something acidic so we are removing more foods from his diet, one time was 5 minutes after sitting down at a restaurant (we did not plan on going out to eat at all because he can’t really handle it, but the place we wanted to order in from was closed on Monday so we gave it a try and it solidified that we will not be going out again).  Other than that it was a beyond fabulous day!!!!

And this is funny, we went to check on Grandma and Papa’s lot ( we ended up checking on the wrong one my dad noticed their were houses in background instead of water), Claire was so excited thought she was going to see them!

She could not understand why there was no house, wanted to go knock on people’s doors, told her there was no house, she started crying hysterically, saying “Grandma and Papa are at cold beach, want them at hot beach!” 


It warms my heart to see the relationship Claire has with my parents, they were her primary caregivers with Mama Meg for the first 6 months of treatment and we have finally moved to a point where she is not worried about them taking her and instead just wants to be with them, in fact they are the only people she willingly will leave Casey and I for, often asking to ride in their car or go to their house to see Barney, someday hopefully she can visit them and show them how much she loves the “hot beach”!


One thought on “No Naps

  1. I love that you are on the Island of denial and sooo enjoying it! Thinking of you and your beautiful family always! You and Casey and Connor and Claire are beyond amazing!

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