The Island of Denial

is such a nice place to visit, don’t get me wrong we both very much know our reality and the “I feel for you, your doing a good job, he is brave” smiles we get here remind us our situation is anything but normal, but pretending never hurt anyone and is a great place to visit.  Today Con skipped his nap again, he is having way to much fun to miss out on anything, he fell asleep sitting up while Claire was taking a bath.  I have decided his favorite part is the pool he is weightless in there and loves kicking, I took him round and round in circles today he was screaming with glee!  I am so happy we did this, I just love staring at him so, so happy, today he even asked to walk for the first time in about 6 weeks, although he couldn’t, his brain remembered how to coordinate the movements, lifting up one knee after the other, Casey and I were so very proud, of both him and everyone else around us who did not stare (I have a habit of looking at others reactions and blocking people out depending on the moment, but I was just so proud in this moment), and instead smiled with us!





2 thoughts on “The Island of Denial

  1. So happy you were able to go!!! That park is awesome isn’t it?? We were here last month. I’m glad you were able to crest this memories with your family! And how wonderful for Connor too, that he is having a blast!!!

  2. Just exactly as you said: you’re not living in denial just visiting. Big difference. Healthy way to soak up the most of this time together at the warm beach. Keep having fun!

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