First Communion

Today, Con attended his first and most likely last first communion, I would be lying if I said I was fine with it, I definitely hid some tears from Casey as I was managing Crazy Claire who literally screamed “I take my shoes off” mid ceremony, as this was a harsh reminder of what he will never get, we will never get, and it really hurt, it brought flashbacks of when Casey and I went every week after a miscarriage and almost a year of infertility, I cried then during the same song.   Either way Con actually enjoyed church, if him and Claire weren’t so disruptive and I could actually listen to a word being said I think church would be a great place for me right now, but it is way too stressful, I do not get why the Catholics can’t adopt Sunday school/ church nursery like other Christian religions for the life of me!  Here are some pics of Con with the guests of honor:


Claire on the other hand loves her “pawty’s” and tantrummed big time as we left as she loves “Coco’s playground”, so this is the best pic I have of her:

Con slept through the majority of the “pawty” but since Claire did not she was ready to cuddle right when she got home!

Lastly, Con has been needed a vacation from his vacation, that last day he was so tired he needed to come home, Claire on the other hand told anyone that would listen “I no go home”, with the pawty today she seems to have recovered!



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