. . . And he is back!!!

To anyone who prayed, thank you!!!  We had a very rough night, his breathing kept us both up, we both maybe got three hours, I don’t know if it was really just the labored breathing/coughing or our minds running, while we both are very aware of what is happening, nothing can quite prepare you and yesterday and the last couple of days made us think the inevitable was happening very soon and very quickly and we were both so scared.  Today he still slept late but once he was up, got his Tylenol I saw almost a baseline Connor, my parents were on duty today and Con loves my dad, maybe more than me, he brings out the “crazy in Con” which is so welcome to see, he was just not able to nap while he was here, needed to keep hooting and hollering!  They went for a walk, did bubbles, sidewalk chawlk and multiple trips to the swingset (he is obsessed with this spinner thing Grammy got him that he can lay on and swing, even tantrummed when it was time to come inside)!!!  Hearing all the sounds and demands coming out of Con’s mouth was borderline amazing, I just hope it keeps going!



5 thoughts on “. . . And he is back!!!

  1. Sebastian prayed twice for Connor tonight when we said our prayers at dinner! He is always asking about Connor and wanting to see the new pictures. We will keep the prayers going up and hoping for the Lord to send miracles down!

  2. What a great way to start my morning reading such a wonderful blog! And who could not love your dad? We prayed for Connor and all of you at our preschool pray group yesterday…….I can’t wait to get to work and tell them what a great day it was. We will continue our prayers. Love you all! Bon

  3. Oh Erin. This is nothing short of amazing & joyful. You all are so blessed to have such great family SO close by. Connor has gotten to know and love them all so much.

  4. Everyone I know who knows about Connor is praying nightly Erin. Much love and all of our prayers go to Connor and your family.

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