“Connor’s my best friend”, Claire Crooks

She first told this to Amanda three days ago, and followed with, “that’s what mommy tells me, mommy is really my best friend she’s a girl”.  Two days ago when I brought Con out for breakfast and told her Connor could use a hug, she hugged and unprompted said, “Aw Connor your my best friend”.  Then tonight, Connor has been napping, and was starting to wake up (she loves announcing to everyone “Connor’s Awake”) she climbed right up like this:

And reported Connor’s my best friend, all was good then he whines, and Claire rolled her eyes just as she has been doing at him since they were 6 months old, if only life was that simple, that she could roll her eyes at her annoying best friend for the rest of her life.

 At the end of the day Connor is her best friend, yet he has slipped away from even her, she brings him toys, includes him on everything, in hopes it will go back to the way it was,  yet he can’t play with her at all, she so wishes he could, this is the worst part, Casey and I are just not qualified replacements for Connor.  

Today the rain was on and off, I needed a pedicure, Connor was in and out, Claire was full of energy, so I did something risky, I took her with me, let her get her first manicure, while I got a pedicure, she was amazing and I 100 percent created a monster.  I am not sure we can go to the Kings shopping center again without her getting her nails done.  The most amazing part, she alternated her nails, pink and Blue, “pink for Claire, blue for Connor”!

After Claire and I went to Campbell’s bake sale (today would have been her 9th birthday) where she picked out a cupcake for both herself and Connor/daddy, she ate the icing off both!  By the time we got home Connor was ready to go so we took a walk to Bedwell to see the 1800+ pinwheels that were put out yesterday to honor everyday Campbell fought cancer, it was as if she was with us (or actually Connor), I parked the stroller by the pinwheels, Claire was off jumping in the puddles and out of no where on a very still day there was a gust of wind, he let out a loud happy sound as they all spun, incredible!


I know we have medical stuff to update on but honestly our heads are spinning, consensus seems to be the Avastin is hiding the tumor growth on the MRI’s, but there are a lot of theories and on the eve of our 7th wedding anniversary I don’t have the energy to write about it all, plus we are waiting on a few more opinions, what I will say is we are very happy with our new home/hospice nurse!


One thought on ““Connor’s my best friend”, Claire Crooks

  1. To have these moments is amazing. Rainbows through the rain. Love the pink & blue nails!
    I know there are hundreds & maybe thousands of people praying and wondering about Connor. Know these days are yours. Update when you want and how you want. Live, photograph & document in a way that makes you all happy. Muddy puddles & manis are the good stuff!

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