We Are Home

we met with the infusion company and our hospice nurse to get everything set up and make sure I knew what I was doing almost every 2 hours around the clock (we have a lot of meds going through his line now that is open in addition to the morphine pump), we decided I will administer, but Casey will make up all the syringes, however after about 24 hours with as tired as I am from the last 15 months let alone the last 72 hours I have a feeling we will be splitting it up throughout the night.  What I wanted to say though as I was feeling very overwhelmed and hungry (I realized during this I had really not eaten or been able to keep anything down over the last 72 hours) I wanted to thank everyone who has dropped off food, either planned through my sisters schools meal train or Heartworks, or just because, you have no idea how helpful this has been or a relief today realizing we did not need to run to the store, exhausted, so thank you.  Wish us luck tonight!


3 thoughts on “We Are Home

  1. I am glad you are home, as our family continues to pray for you all. Thank you for this blog, your love shines through your words, as I know it’s difficult to write. XOXOXO

  2. Erin and Casey………….I am glad you are home in your own house where you are all together and more comfortable. Thank you for keeping us updated. You and Casey continue to be the most amazing parents and Connor (and Claire) both can feel all the love you give them. We all wish there was some way we could all take away take away the pain your family is going through and make this a bad nightmare. We are here for you, we love you all and pray for you. Don’t ever loose sight of what wonderful and dedicated parents you are! Love you always………….Bon, Yaz, Col and Shan

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